About Us

Helping you improve your health is not just my goal—It is my passion.

My Name is Maya Swinford and I started Body Harmony Massage Therapy seven years ago in Hilo, Hawaii. During this time, I have witnessed the powerful healing impact that massage has on your health, and I am committed to providing you with an experience that will not only be therapeutic but revitalizing and relaxing. As your massage therapist, my primary focus is to reduce your pain, restore your mobility, improve your strength, and create an over-all sense of wellbeing.

I genuinely believe that offering a more personalized experience is more beneficial to you.

For that reason, at Body Harmony Hilo, there is no waiting room, and no secretary. Body Harmony Hilo is intentionally located in a convenient and peaceful setting in downtown Hilo, where you can enjoy fresh breezes and beautiful ocean views.

I have worked exclusively as a massage therapist since 2008 and have many years of experience treating individuals that are recovering from a wide range of injuries. I was trained in medical massage, which means I am well educated in anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology. Having this background ensures that I can better care for your individual needs.