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  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Designed to relieve pain and muscle tension. In this massage I will gradually apply deep pressure to target your problem areas. The goal is to break down adhesions and work out tension by losening tight muscles and softening connective tissues. Helpful for chronic pain & discomfort.



    - Alleviate Muscle Pain

    -Restore Structural Balance

    -Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain

    -Improve Range of Motion

    *Includes Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Accupressure, and Cross-Fiber Techniques

  • Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage

    Take your massage to a whole new level and melt away into a new dimension. You are sure to drop into a deep state of relaxation with this calming and therapeutic massage. In this treatment I will use heated stones that I have hand gathered from Hilo's local shoreline. Each stone posesses the magic of the Big Island's healing power, guaranteed to nuture your soul. This Massage will leave you feeling refreshed and at peace.


    -Encourages Deep Relaxation

    -Melts Away Tension

    -Eases Muscle Stiffness

    -Improves Your Metabolism

    *The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

  • Injury Recovery

    I accept Hawaii No-Fault &  Workers' Compensation Insurance

    Do you suffer from chronic pain or discomfort? If your answer is yes, then this customized and therapuetic based massage will work to address your specific problem areas. I have extensive knowlege on how to treat specific conditions and can help you on your path to recovery and a pain free life.


    -Neck Pain/ Whiplash

    -Shoulder Restrictions

    - Low Back Pain

    -Scar Tissue Reduction/ Post Surgury Recovery

    & more....

    *May incorporate: Joint Mobilizations, Contract-Relax Techniques, Cross Fiber &Trigger Point therapy, Myofacial Release, Assisted Stretching.

    *Our bodies can heal & massage can help. Don't give up!

  • Relaxation Massage Therapy

    Are you stressed out and need a break?

    Make time for YOU. Take a deep breath in and and let it all go. The primary goal of this massage is to rejuvenate your spirit and ease your mind. Gently unwind from the demands of life, find space to center yourself, get grounded, and restore balance.


    -Increases Oxygen Levels

    -Decreases Muscle Toxins

    -Improves Flexibility

    -Gently Eases Away Any Tension

    *Take a break from it all and get a massage. You'll feel refreshed and ready to take on the world again!

  • Reflexology

    The practice of reflexology is based on the ancient Chinese theory that hands and feet contain a map of the human body. Massaging these reflex points in your hands and feet help to reduce the congestion and blocked energy within the body.

    This healing treatment will create whole body relaxation, improved circulation, and a release of nervous tension. Treatment is a full body massage with focus on reflex points.

    -Balance Hormones

    -Relief from Menopause

    -Reduce Occurance of Migraines

    -Improve Digestive Problems

    -Detoxify & Cleanse

  • Sports Massage

    Enhance your athletic performance and reduce injury down-time when you take advantage of a this therapeutic massage. By loosening up tight muscle fibers and increasing blood flow, it will help prevent injury and facilitate the healing process of already injured tissue or muscle damage. This massage will help you get back out there to do what you love!


    - Quickly Eliminates Muscle Soreness After Your Workout

    -Cuts Your Recovery Time in Half

    -Increases Your Body's Ability to Absorb Nutrients

    -Oxygenates Your Body's Cells Giving You Greater Levels of Energy

    *May include: Joint Mobilizations, Contract-Relax techniques, and Assisted Stretching